arketipo 109



In the strategic area of the Roman district of EUR, the New Congress Center designed by Massimiliano Fuksas develops according to three major architectural objects: the Teca (Theca), a steel container with double glass skin that serves as a box for the Cloud, la Nuvola , true fulcrum of the complex and “exception” to the rules of geometry defined by its free development in space, and the Lama (Blade), an independent and autonomous volume destined to host a hotel. In the Nuvola (Cloud), the heart of the steel structure covered with a semitransparent towel of 15,000 square meters, is housed the main auditorium of 1,800 places with its services, while additional underground conference rooms (with parking) enhance the hospitality of a further 6,000 places.

In addition to the strong expressive impact, underlined by the transparency of volumes, particular attention was paid to the eco-sustainable aspect of the whole, by adopting technical solutions that reduce energy consumption, such as the variable air-conditioning system, which suits the number of people in the environments, and the photovoltaic panels on the roof that produce electricity and, at the same time, protect the volume of the complex from solar overheating.

The Ninfa model of Faraone has been chosen for the external and internal transparent balustrades of the Teca (Theca), which contains the Cloud. Ninfa came to its fourth generation, matured by the experience of more than 200,000 meters installed in six years. With a thrust resistance of 200 kg / m² and 300 kg / m², Ninfa has an impact of 600 Joule obtained from laboratory tests and on-site testing on a system with aluminum base and tempered laminated extra-clear shatter-proof 10+10+1.52 PVB and 12+12+1.52 SG glass, ensuring safety without precluding transparency.

Fast to install – 4 meters in 4 minutes – Ninfa does not need scaffolding or external platforms, as mounting is only from the inside and so is also for the registering and lead casting of the glass, which is easily manually obtained with a key register thanks to a patented system. Available for multiple fixing solutions – on the floor, in-floor drowned, customized for the design – the Ninfa system features four simple steps of installation (fixing of the aluminum profile, mounting of the glass, registering and lead casting, mounting of the internal cladding) and it guarantees maximum visual transparency as well as high integration with the architectural and landscaping context.