We choose recyclable renewable raw materials such as aluminum, steel and glass.We manage our own special waste according to the Italian legislation (D.LGS.152/2006 AND SS.NN.II.)



Glass is the “ecological” material par excellence. it doesn’t pollute (it is chemically inert), it can be reused for an unlimited number of times and it is 100% recyclable. If the decomposition of a glass bottle takes 4000 years, with the recycling process glass can be inserted again in other productive processes, avoiding the production of new material ex novo and avoiding resulting hydrogeological risks.


The recycling of this metal from waste has become an important part of the aluminum industry and is a common practice since the early Twentieth century.The sources for the recovery of aluminum include cars, doors and windows, household appliances, containers and other products. Recycling is very convenient: in fact, to produce a kilo of aluminum ready to use from waste costs less that 1 kWh, against the 13-14 kWh needed to produce it from the mineral.


One of the most current materials in the world, the second for tonnage coming right after cement, is an iron-base alloy containing carbon in an amount ranging up to a maximum of 2%, to which other metallic and non-metallic elements in controlled amounts are added, in order to impart specific properties according to the uses for which it is intended. One of the main features of steel is that it is totally recyclable; in fact, 40% of the world steel production is based on recycled materials (scrap iron).