Point-fixing Catalogue for indoor and outdoor use

The point-fixing systems of the glass capture the light and make it the protagonist in every type of environment.

Klima, the curtain wall with point fixing and double glazing up to 3 glass plates, ensures high performance on energy saving and noise reduction.

Air System and Quadrifoglio are made up of: stainless steel and glass tensile structures + spiders, stainless steel structures, vertical structures with “Glasfin” glass plates, ball joints and spiders.

Vetrissimo T and Vetrissimo N: a perfect combination of design and technology, the horizontal overlap of the glass provides both good ventilation and good weather protection. This system stands out for its ease of installation and is particularly suitable for building cladding.



Inside the catalogue you will find:

  • Curtain walls:  Klima, Air System, spiders, ball joints
  • Vetrissimo: Vetrissimo T, Vetrissimo N, K08
  • Vetrodivide: universal LP accessories, Slim series, invisible door-closer, floor spring, handles, hinges
  • Assembly equipment
  • Laboratory tests


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Velo sliding doors Catalogue

Silent and light, with minimal design, Velo gives more elegance and depth to your spaces thanks to 3 types and 40 technical solutions that are easy to install and can be inspected from below. Only one Soft-stop kit for the opening and closing of the door!







Inside the catalogue you will find:

  • Velo Alu: glass door with aluminium frame
  • Velo 2: glass door with renewed system
  • Velo compact: glass door with only 6 mm between glass and glass (fixed-sliding)
  • Handles
  • Cutting patterns and rail holes
  • Technical diagrams


Download Velo catalogue

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