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The Ninfa family, for indoor or outdoor use, offers a wide choice for designers. A solution for every situation depending on the intended use: above the floor, drowned, on the wall, outside or inside the wall, balconies and terraces, public spaces with overcrowding. NINFA 3, NINFA 3.3 (CNR), NINFA 4, NINFA STADIO 4.3 (CNR), NINFA 90, NINFA 50, NINFA 100, NINFA 180, NINFA 170, NINFA CURVA, NINFA LED, NINFA BALCONE, NINFA R.
300,000 meters of Ninfa, supplied and installed since 2009, testify to our experience gained over the years, which translates into design, safety and rapid assembly..

Get the usual safety with Ninfa glass railings.
Advantages of the glass and aluminum balustrades of the Ninfa Project

  • World record for fastest installation time
  • With glass 8+8 mm certified to 200 kg/m
  • With glass 10+10 mm certified to 300 kg/m
  • With glass 12+12+12 mm certified to 500 kg/m
  • Available with new integrated LED system
  • No need for scaffolding or outside platforms
  • Glass installation only from the inside
  • Adjustable for plumbing glass acting only from the inside.


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